Tone Of Life Gongs

Dear friends of the Gong, We would like to introduce you to our series of gongs, created by the joined forces of Tone of life (Tom Soltron Czartoryski) and Sona Sound (Johannes Heimrath), and share with you this new look and sound of these hand crafted SilverNickel Gongs. As well as the Gongs listed bellow, we are constantly innovating in the field of sound to achieve the greatest potential of healing overtones from our creations.

All of our Gongs are handmade from silver nickel alloy and bear the traces and marks of the maker… We do not wish to produce gongs like in the cosmetic industry with perfect skin and a completely unnatural look. We do understand that people have an idea of perfection based on not seeing any trace of the biography of the piece, but to us this is simply an expression of our highly artificial world, the perfect surface of almost everything, giving the mere surface much more importance than the inside values, the traces of work, of labour, of pain and maturity. We wish to guide our players into the wide and vast dimensions behind the surface to realize that what matters in the Gong is the Sound… not the look!!!

All of Tone of Life Gongs are made in Sona workshop by Johannes Heimrath.


Tone of Life’s range of „Element” Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today. They are a worthy successor to the old Paiste Sound Creation Gong range and benefit from Tom Soltron’s vision and innovative ideas and Johannes Heimrath’s wisdom and experience. The range enables gong players to tap into the Elemental aspects of Earth healing and be supported by the holistic healing of the Maitreya Gongs and the spontaneity of the Dance Gong. There is a wide range of sizes to suit all players on whatever budget and I am very happy to endorse these gongs.

Philip McNamara


For several years I only played on the other gongs. I owned the symfonic gong and some planetgongs. Since I came in contact with the gongs of Tone of Life I have slowly changed my gongs, and now I am a lucky owner of 3 element gongs: fire, earth and air. I really love these gongs.

As a yogateacher in MEM-yoga and Yin-yoga, I think it is perfect to integrate the elementgongs with the practice.
I use them in asanas, pranayamas, to mantras, meditation and relaxation.
I am now looking forward to welcome the watergong to my collection.

Karin Gibson
Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher


The Water gong arrived safely earlier today, and I want to say thank you for this very special and unusual gong… I am very impressed… such a unique sound and so many interesting layers to be coaxed out… I have wanted a TOL gong for a while, and I knew it was going to be a Water gong, but somehow held back previously. Then this new version appeared a short while ago and I knew immediately it was the right one… I will very much enjoy getting to know it in the weeks to come, and sharing it with my students on the Course… Thank you also for the carrying bag. In due course I will get back to you for another Tone Of Life gong…

Sheila Whittaker
Sound Healer, Musician, Teacher