Air Cosmo Gong

It has beautiful, cosmic, open and rich sound. One of the most universal sounds in the collection

Air Cosmo Gong

The symphony of symphonies, a million solar systems within a million universes, the drop and the ocean. Air Cosmo Gong is available in five sizes: 30" (75 cm), 36" (90 cm), 42" (105 cm), 50" (125 cm), 62" (155 cm).

Air Cosmo Gong

With one strike of the mallet the Vach Choir begins to sing its enchanting song in waves of beauty which touch your heart and soul...

Astonishingly beautiful and the feedback is great from clients. It is the head of the orchestra:) My 60 inch has a bit of serious competition. I work from two places and have one in each and deliberately chose the 42 Cosmo as it felt like it played like a much larger gong.It really shifts some deep stuff for people but in a very accepting and loving way. I am so impressed with your gongs which seem to me to be in a class of their own. I will be ordering a dance gong shortly and then who knows…


Tone of Life’s range of „Element” Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today.

Philip McNamara

My newest one. I experience that you perhaps have to „work” a little bit more with this gong, but when you have get to know it, it leaves the most rewarding sound in return. You get thrown out in the universe surrounded by the music of the spheres.

Karin Gibson
Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher

Cosmo Gong – pokochaliśmy go od pierwszego dźwięku. Jego głębokie brzmienie porusza głęboko, dotyka najbardziej delikatne struny duszy, wibruje każdą komórkę. Dla nas istotna jest jego wielkość, gdyż gramy często w dużych przestrzeniach. Swymi falami dźwięków Cosmo wypełnia nawet naprawdę duże przestrzenie. Łączy w sobie moc i delikatność.

Ala i Rysiek


Air Cosmo Gong

The sound and frequency palette in the acoustic field is so deep and rich that the mind is unable to associate all sound details at the same time.

Air Cosmo Gong

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