Water Gong – reviews

I love the Water Gong, larger one especially. This is one of my favorite styles and you have done great work.

Andrew Borakove
Gongs Unlimited

If you want to feel the most extraordinary sound flowing through your body, Water Gong is for you!!! The first time I heard him on a recording prepared by Tom, a week later I was in Porabka to choose a Gong for myself. From Porabka I returned not with one, but with three gongs – small Earth, small Cosmo and large Water. That was the best decision in my life! The sound of Water Gong resounded with the music of a thousand spaces of golden streams taking us on a journey from which we do not want to go back! Earth and Cosmo complete the whole. The Earth, enveloping us with its powerful low tone, Cosmo – detaches us from the surface taking in unexplored spaces!


The Water gong arrived safely earlier today, and I want to say thank you for this very special and unusual gong… I am very impressed… such a unique sound and so many interesting layers to be coaxed out… I have wanted a TOL gong for a while, and I knew it was going to be a Water gong, but somehow held back previously. Then this new version appeared a short while ago and I knew immediately it was the right
one.. I will very much enjoy getting to know it in the weeks to come, and sharing it with my students on the Course… Thank you also for the carrying bag. In due course I will get back to you for another TOL gong… not sure when but I know this will not be the last…
Blessings and love to you and Abby, and grateful thanks to Johannes
for creating such a beautiful gong,

Sheila Whittaker
Sound Healer, Musician, Teacher

Water Gong by Tone of Life has a sound that is incomparable to any other gong. I love it when it fills all the space around. It is a very versatile, powerful gong, with an extraordinary richness of sounds, and is also a great mix with other instruments. I am delighted and I am planning to buy more Tone of Life Gongs, whose sound quality is absolutely perfect, feels like they are full of the love and passion for their creators.