Shemoon Gong – reviews

Shemoon Gong 30″ – 75 cm

I was surprised by such a diverse 30″ Gong, it sounds just as loud and powerful as a 38″. You play it and it resonates for a long time, you think its stop making overtones and harmonic frequencies but just before it stops its starts making more tones again. A truly beautiful gong, I can stay that it defiantly reflects the characters of ripples of water… rushes and splashes of an beautiful array of over tones. I am truly amazed!

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Much of my life was spent searching for it’s meaning, longing for something unnamed… My great awakening took place during the magnificent concert of Tone Of Life, to which my son took me. To this day I am grateful to him. I’ve never heard of gongs before! In Vienna, during the European tour of Tom and Abby, I experienced a magnificent fullness! My life changed completely!… Since then, the sound of the gong has been with me everyday. Shemoon Gong occupies the most important place in my house, filling it with the most beautiful music in the world! Every day I discover new sounds, new tones and colors that fill my life!


This gong impressed me with its look and sound! WOW! I take it with me for every family celebration, so that as many people as possible can learn a sound that is so creative. This gong gives us incomparably more than you can imagine!!