Earth Gong – reviews

Earth: my absolute favourite. If I am having a yogaclass or a gongrelaxation and only bring one gong, I choose this
one. The sound is full, deep and grounding and takes you in to a statem of deep relaxation.

Karin Gibson
Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher

Tone of Life’s range of „Element” Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today. They are a worthy successor to the old Paiste Sound Creation Gong range and benefit from Tom Soltron’s vision and innovative ideas and Johannes Heimrath’s wisdom and experience.

Philip McNamara

Earth Gong 30″ – 75 cm

I had my eyes on a sound creation gong for a while, but the 42″ earth gong from tone of life is what attracted me. In the end I brought this 30″ earth gong. I am glad I did too, all three sizes of the earth gong are amazing. But for travelling and doing events on my own, I got this 30″ earth gong. It gives off not just some subtle earthy tones, but also some beautiful mystical tones from using the flumies. I am very happy with this gong. And the size of the gong fills up a very large space.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Earth Gong 42″ – 105 cm

For its size it packs an earthly resonance, its deep, mystifying and beautifully astounding. With one stoke with the mallet it deeply reflects that of ancient sounds, mystical and deep. The flumies on this gong give it a totally different sound. It is a little bit lighter than the 42″ Cosmo gong but in itself holds very nice pure tone of grounded energy and goes very well with any other gong.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer