Dream Gong – reviews

I always dreamed of having my gong sounding in my house, but there was never a favorable circumstance. However, when I saw how beautiful and charming this gong is, my desire to own it was very fast and easily turned into reality. A few days later I received a priceless parcel. Dream Gong’s voice is sweet, reminds me of the sun filling the drops of morning dew, rain of falling stars on a warm summer night… It’s hard to imagine anything more pleasant…


My friend infected me with the love for gongs, and thanks to him I met the incredibly beautiful sounding Tone Of Life gongs. That year, during my visit to Poland, I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom Czartoryski and Abby DelSol, who prepared an unforgettable sound bath for me. I quickly became a happy holder of Earth Gong and Water Gong. This year my collection has expanded to include Dream Gong, whose sound is fabulous! My wife loves it too… thanks to the joint sound sessions we have become closer!