Dance Gong – reviews

I work with sound and most of the time I’m traveling with all the instruments I use. Dance Gong is great for transportation, and its sound gives the character of every sound session. During the sessions that I organize, we improvise in several groups, everyone plays on another instrument, the sound of Dance Gong opens us to experiencing music in motion! This is a great instrument full of energy!


I am an optimist and Dance Gong is created for me! Bright, beautiful sound that fills my heart with joy. I love dancing with him and meditating on his wonderful sounds!!!


For its size its a great walking gong, it can be carried around the room with ease with the handle, or on your travels. Its light weight and gives our a high tone. For its size itl resonates and has some lovely harmonics to it. It has many benefits though and potential for its high tones and really adds to the concert of personality of frequencies, its brilliantly accompanied by the other gongs from tone of life.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Every day I start with a morning exercise session that ends with meditation with gong sound. Dance Gong introduces me to the next full day, creates space, full of inspiration! This is a sparkling instrument!