Air Cosmo Gong – reviews

I had an amazing time playing my Tone of Life gongs at the chamanic meeting in France last week. I played up to 6h a day for 3 days for dozens of people. They were all amazed by the sheer beauty and healing power of the 4 elements (and the Dance Gong, so powerful for its size)! While installing the gongs, I found the flumies and your CDs, which I hadn’t found before…
Thank you so much for everything you do, the world is a better place thanks to Tone of Life ❤ ❤ ❤

In resonance,

Astonishingly beautiful and the feedback is great from clients. It is the head of the orchestra:) My 60 inch has a bit of serious competition. I work from two places and have one in each and deliberately chose the 42 Cosmo as it felt like it played like a much larger gong.It really shifts some deep stuff for people but in a very accepting and loving way. I am so impressed with your gongs which seem to me to be in a class of their own. I will be ordering a dance gong shortly and then who knows…


Tone of Life’s range of „Element” Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today.

Philip McNamara

My newest one. I experience that you perhaps have to „work” a little bit more with this gong, but when you have get to know it, it leaves the most rewarding sound in return. You get thrown out in the universe surrounded by the music of the spheres.

Karin Gibson
Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher

Cosmo Gong – pokochaliśmy go od pierwszego dźwięku. Jego głębokie brzmienie porusza głęboko, dotyka najbardziej delikatne struny duszy, wibruje każdą komórkę. Dla nas istotna jest jego wielkość, gdyż gramy często w dużych przestrzeniach. Swymi falami dźwięków Cosmo wypełnia nawet naprawdę duże przestrzenie. Łączy w sobie moc i delikatność.

Ala i Rysiek

Air Cosmo Gong 42″ – 105 cm

I can understand now why its called the cosmo gong,… related too, to the air element. It packs a cosmic array of subtle but deep overtones which are light and beautiful. Its a very great gong that I enjoyed playing, its really amazing on its own, or accompanied by another gong. Its tones and frequencies are rich and vibrant. With every stroke and play with the mallet, its tones resonate for a long time, giving you the chance to listen to the over tones which continue for along while

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Air Cosmo Gong 62″ – 155 cm

Wow, what a fantastic gong… surpasses all sound healing tools, The gong stand has wheels and is easily moveable. For a gong of this size, you wouldnt need anything bigger. It packs tone, and vibrations. Standing next to it you can feel every part of your body vibrating. Exciting all cells, to the deep within, to the cosmos and beyound. I would recommend getting a number of flumies, and a large mallet. That is all you need. Such a beautiful array of deep and high tones that will leave yourself and your audience speechless

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Earth Gong - reviews

Earth: my absolute favourite. If I am having a yogaclass or a gongrelaxation and only bring one gong, I choose this
one. The sound is full, deep and grounding and takes you in to a statem of deep relaxation.

Karin Gibson
Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher

Tone of Life’s range of „Element” Gongs is one of the most exciting things happening in the world of gongs today. They are a worthy successor to the old Paiste Sound Creation Gong range and benefit from Tom Soltron’s vision and innovative ideas and Johannes Heimrath’s wisdom and experience.

Philip McNamara

Earth Gong 30″ – 75 cm

I had my eyes on a sound creation gong for a while, but the 42″ earth gong from tone of life is what attracted me. In the end I brought this 30″ earth gong. I am glad I did too, all three sizes of the earth gong are amazing. But for travelling and doing events on my own, I got this 30″ earth gong. It gives off not just some subtle earthy tones, but also some beautiful mystical tones from using the flumies. I am very happy with this gong. And the size of the gong fills up a very large space.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Earth Gong 42″ – 105 cm

For its size it packs an earthly resonance, its deep, mystifying and beautifully astounding. With one stoke with the mallet it deeply reflects that of ancient sounds, mystical and deep. The flumies on this gong give it a totally different sound. It is a little bit lighter than the 42″ Cosmo gong but in itself holds very nice pure tone of grounded energy and goes very well with any other gong.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Fire Gong - reviews

It is a rather small gong, but has an explosive, hot sound that awakens every cell in your body to energy and vitality. Perfect together with breath of fire and brimhanaexcercises.

Karin Gibson

Kundaliniyogateacher, Gongplayer (master)
Gongyogateacher and Musicteacher

Żywioł Ognia – pasja, siła witalna. Jak ogień, jego brzmienie radośnie wybucha i gaśnie. Dodaje pięknych akcentów w czasie Podróży dźwiękowej.

Ala i Rysiek

The Fire Gong, a unique and nice update, an evolution, from the Paiste style of decades past.

Andrew Borakove
Gongs Unlimited


Water Gong - reviews

I love the Water Gong, larger one especially. This is one of my favorite styles and you have done great work.

Andrew Borakove
Gongs Unlimited

If you want to feel the most extraordinary sound flowing through your body, Water Gong is for you!!! The first time I heard him on a recording prepared by Tom, a week later I was in Porabka to choose a Gong for myself. From Porabka I returned not with one, but with three gongs – small Earth, small Cosmo and large Water. That was the best decision in my life! The sound of Water Gong resounded with the music of a thousand spaces of golden streams taking us on a journey from which we do not want to go back! Earth and Cosmo complete the whole. The Earth, enveloping us with its powerful low tone, Cosmo – detaches us from the surface taking in unexplored spaces!


The Water gong arrived safely earlier today, and I want to say thank you for this very special and unusual gong… I am very impressed… such a unique sound and so many interesting layers to be coaxed out… I have wanted a TOL gong for a while, and I knew it was going to be a Water gong, but somehow held back previously. Then this new version appeared a short while ago and I knew immediately it was the right
one.. I will very much enjoy getting to know it in the weeks to come, and sharing it with my students on the Course… Thank you also for the carrying bag. In due course I will get back to you for another TOL gong… not sure when but I know this will not be the last…
Blessings and love to you and Abby, and grateful thanks to Johannes
for creating such a beautiful gong,

Sheila Whittaker
Sound Healer, Musician, Teacher

Water Gong by Tone of Life has a sound that is incomparable to any other gong. I love it when it fills all the space around. It is a very versatile, powerful gong, with an extraordinary richness of sounds, and is also a great mix with other instruments. I am delighted and I am planning to buy more Tone of Life Gongs, whose sound quality is absolutely perfect, feels like they are full of the love and passion for their creators.


Shemoon Gong - reviews

Shemoon Gong 30″ – 75 cm

I was surprised by such a diverse 30″ Gong, it sounds just as loud and powerful as a 38″. You play it and it resonates for a long time, you think its stop making overtones and harmonic frequencies but just before it stops its starts making more tones again. A truly beautiful gong, I can stay that it defiantly reflects the characters of ripples of water… rushes and splashes of an beautiful array of over tones. I am truly amazed!

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Much of my life was spent searching for it’s meaning, longing for something unnamed… My great awakening took place during the magnificent concert of Tone Of Life, to which my son took me. To this day I am grateful to him. I’ve never heard of gongs before! In Vienna, during the European tour of Tom and Abby, I experienced a magnificent fullness! My life changed completely!… Since then, the sound of the gong has been with me everyday. Shemoon Gong occupies the most important place in my house, filling it with the most beautiful music in the world! Every day I discover new sounds, new tones and colors that fill my life!


This gong impressed me with its look and sound! WOW! I take it with me for every family celebration, so that as many people as possible can learn a sound that is so creative. This gong gives us incomparably more than you can imagine!!


Dance Gong - reviews

I work with sound and most of the time I’m traveling with all the instruments I use. Dance Gong is great for transportation, and its sound gives the character of every sound session. During the sessions that I organize, we improvise in several groups, everyone plays on another instrument, the sound of Dance Gong opens us to experiencing music in motion! This is a great instrument full of energy!


I am an optimist and Dance Gong is created for me! Bright, beautiful sound that fills my heart with joy. I love dancing with him and meditating on his wonderful sounds!!!


For its size its a great walking gong, it can be carried around the room with ease with the handle, or on your travels. Its light weight and gives our a high tone. For its size itl resonates and has some lovely harmonics to it. It has many benefits though and potential for its high tones and really adds to the concert of personality of frequencies, its brilliantly accompanied by the other gongs from tone of life.

Ladrhyn Bexx Sound Healer

Every day I start with a morning exercise session that ends with meditation with gong sound. Dance Gong introduces me to the next full day, creates space, full of inspiration! This is a sparkling instrument!


Dream Gong - reviews

I always dreamed of having my gong sounding in my house, but there was never a favorable circumstance. However, when I saw how beautiful and charming this gong is, my desire to own it was very fast and easily turned into reality. A few days later I received a priceless parcel. Dream Gong’s voice is sweet, reminds me of the sun filling the drops of morning dew, rain of falling stars on a warm summer night… It’s hard to imagine anything more pleasant…


My friend infected me with the love for gongs, and thanks to him I met the incredibly beautiful sounding Tone Of Life gongs. That year, during my visit to Poland, I had the great pleasure of meeting Tom Czartoryski and Abby DelSol, who prepared an unforgettable sound bath for me. I quickly became a happy holder of Earth Gong and Water Gong. This year my collection has expanded to include Dream Gong, whose sound is fabulous! My wife loves it too… thanks to the joint sound sessions we have become closer!