Thanks to many years of experience in working with gongs, we could create the perfect accessories for every gong holder.

In our offer you will find accessories for gongs (mallets, flumies, stands) and bags and cases to help protect your instruments from dirt and damage.

We offer you:

  • Arched Stainless Steel Gong Stand
  • Double Stands – Square set with wheels
  • Flumies
  • Gong Bag – Reinforced
  • Gong Mallets
  • Gong Stand Bag with Wheels
  • Protective Gongs Cover

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Arched Triple Gong Stand

New, triple arched gong stand with wheels is our latest in beautiful, practical and innovative Gong Stand solution. Made to fit one gong in the centre up to 42” and two gongs up to 32” on each side. It is balanced is such a way that you can hang one, two or three gongs without loosing stability.

It is easy and quick to assemble. Is made from galvanized steel, making it light in weight and resistant to the ugly scratches that appear over the time of use. Great in any setting, but especially good for one to one sessions. Giving the listener a complete surround sound experience, spiralling the sound giving an amazing feeling on both physical and ethereal levels.

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Arched Stainless Steel Gong Stand

Beautiful lightweight arched stainless steel stand for 60" and 80" Gongs. Also available for smaller Gongs on request.

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Double Stands - Square set with wheels

Professional Gong stand made from galvanized steel, on wheels with breaks, in two sizes. With extra protecting system for squick that is main problem of the present stands. Easy to assemble and carry. With extra butterfly detail to add security and reduce pottential squeak on leg insert.

They are telescopic, so can be adjusted vertically – we highly recommend this stand. They have been tested many times – They work great.

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Set of 3 rubber flumies. Three sizes of flumies: the smallest produce very high notes. They can produce amazing sounds - from sounds of dolphins or whales to an erupting volcano.

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Gong Bag Reinforced

This padded Gong Bag is comfortable, safe and easy to carry. With reinforced handle, strong Gong Rim protection, non slip edge for resting and handy mallet pocket.

Stock available in seven sizes. Other sizes can be made to order. Made in Poland.

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Gong Mallets

Professional Gong Mallets specially developed for playing many different kinds of gongs

The sound and reaction of the Gong are determined by the size, weight and the material the mallet is made of. The substructure of the mallet heads is made of progressively springy felt. The sticks of the classic series consist of the coated aluminium. During your performance, the colour code of the sticks helps choose the appropriate weight. Each mallet is equipped with a hanger.

Sizes: M1 to M8. M1 being smallest and M8 largest.

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Gong Stand Bag with Wheels

Stands are not the easiest of accessories to transport and pack... now we have a practical and unique way of dealing with this. Our new, strong and easy to transport stand bags with wheels. Separate compartment for each piece. Reinforced carry strap and pull handle. Designed for Paiste type stands in two sizes. for up to 34" gong stand and for up to 42" gong stand.

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Protective Gongs Cover

White cotton protective Gong cloth. Easy to put on and keeps your Gong safe from dust, wet and sticky little fingers!

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